HarleCoin is an online slot machine.

The บาคาร่า slot machine has three reels and one payline, and it’s full of jewels as icons. The glittering aesthetic is a perfect fit for the spectacular gameplay, in which unique currency symbols may increase the value of other symbols. You have the ability to boost symbol multipliers all the way up to an enormous 500x in order to provide the most rewards. Because coins appear on every symbol during the free spins bonus round, it is much simpler to acquire multipliers during this round.

This cutting-edge slot game may be played on a desktop computer or a mobile device at any of the online casinos that offer games from the Red Tiger series. The game has a payback rate of 95.71 percent and a degree of volatility that is considered to be average. If you get the right combination of symbols and multipliers, you might win up to 86,080.00 coins if you’ve wagered the maximum amount.

Instructions for Playing the Slot Machine using HarleCoin

Look again if you think that a game with three reels and one payline seems like it would be a touch boring since the HarleCoin slot has great visuals and exciting action. You’ll find fortunate clovers, purple bells, cherries, stars, and scarlet 7s on the reels of the slot machine, all of which are designed to seem like priceless gems.

You’ll be greeted by golden harlequins on the edges of the screen, and just as in many other 3-reel slot games, the paytable is completely visible. This indicates the total number of times your wager is paid out whenever a symbol crosses a payline, and it becomes an even more valuable tool as symbols begin to grow in value.

You may play the HarleCoin slot on a personal computer (PC), mobile device (iOS, Android, or Windows mobile), and the cost of each spin ranges from 0.010 to 80.00. To pick a bet level, all that is required is a click on either the Plus or Minus tabs, which makes the game very simple to set up. The Auto and Turbo buttons cause the reels to spin on their own while also increasing the pace of the game.

Even if the values of the symbols are constantly shown, it is still a good idea to check out the bonus table by clicking on the three little lines that are located at the very top of the game. This is an overview of the one-of-a-kind bonus features that are available on the HarleCoin slot machine.

Free Spins and Additional Bonus Features on the Harlecoin Slot

The wild symbol in the HarleCoin slots game is a trio of diamonds, and it pays out 125 times the amount of your initial wager if you get it. Keep an eye out for unique coins with a harlequin stamped on them that are superimposed over other symbols. These coins are the key to unlocking the larger multipliers. The value of the relevant symbol is increased by the presence of each coin, and the value increases even higher when other instances of the same symbol fall with coins on them. On the other hand, the value of a symbol is reset whenever it contributes to a winning combination.

You are able to keep track of how much each symbol is now worth thanks to the paytable that is located at the very top of the reels. Its presence is not only for aesthetic purposes. If a coin covers the same symbol type six times in a row without it being part of a winning combination, the multipliers will increase by 20x, then 30x, then 50x, then 100x, then 250x, and ultimately 500x.

If there are three bonus symbols anywhere on the line, the Boost Spins bonus round will be triggered. You will be awarded a random number of up to 25 free spins, and any symbols that are not already at the maximum multiplier will now have coin overlays added to them.

Because of this, it is unavoidable that the symbol values will continue to rise until they are involved in a victory. When a win occurs with a combination of symbols, the multipliers do not reset, and after the free spins feature has concluded, the multipliers are carried over to the regular games.

The maximum wins, average returns, and volatility of the HarleCoin slot machine

If you play with 80 dollars, the most you may win is 1,076 times what you wagered, which comes to 86,080.00 dollars. This is lower than many other slots, which is the one true regret in this game; nevertheless, on the bright side, it makes it simpler to achieve the game’s maximum stake. HarleCoin is a game with a somewhat high level of volatility, with a return to players percentage of 95.71 percent throughout the course of the game’s lifetime.

Our HarleCoin Online Slot Verdict

The dazzling symbols and clever mechanics of the HarleCoin slot machine will assure the game’s continued appeal for a long time to come. It is possible that landing sufficient coins before a winning symbol might be rather challenging, which means that reaching higher multipliers is not something that will happen very often.

As soon as the free games begin, it becomes evidently much more probable that you will get a significant win; nonetheless, the highest multiplier potential of 1,076x left us feeling a bit underwhelmed. But if you appreciate games that provide something different from what others do and you love the notion of colorful jewels, then the HarleCoin slot machine can be just what you’ve been waiting for.